What our clients say


I have recently used the services of 3Time Project to help me have a better picture of when and how I could retire. They helped me have a global view of what my situation was and what it could be in the future based on my inner motivations. This was extremely helpful. Their structured and multi-dimensional approach assisted me in making decisions for this complex life event.

The big advantage is that thanks to the work we have together I am prepared for eventualities


It opened my eyes!

As many other expats, I have paid little attention to my post 50 years until I entered into a conversation with 3TP.

The Discovery experience enabled me to put some concrete milestones in my financial planning and personal life. I encourage everyone to involve their partners early on in the discussion with 3TP as they cover much more than the financial side of the equation.


I used 3TP in 2019 as I was preparing my move away from Banking into something completely different.

3TP helped me on two fronts: first it ensured that I was asking myself the right personal questions through in-depth discussions and questioning, and that my new life project was somewhat realistic and thought through. 

Second it reassured me financially, or brought me clarity in terms of what was going to be possible -or not. 

I would say that sharing my project with three highly competent and smart persons, and receiving valuable input and information, was a decisive factor to help me take such an important life changing decision. 

Thank you 3TP! 


"The 3Time Project study went well beyond my expectations which were a review of my heritage and projections on my future income. First of all, there was a real human dimension to understand my context family, our personality, our aspirations, but also in-depth research work with the administrations concerned (I spent my career in 4 countries, with 5 countries of residence), clear scenario hypotheses taking into account many variables (e.g. . exchange risk, foreign taxation, etc.) and above all, a real roadmap and a practical methodology to achieve the objectives set. A really useful work because it focuses on the particularities and personalities of those concerned