Le saviez vous ?

John is 58 years old.

His Pensions Plan is well capitalised and recently his Financial Planner gave him some future income forecast [depending on the future financial market condition].

He owns his London house. His children study budget is put apart and he thinks it’s maybe time to reduce his professional activity.

  • He would like to understand better what he is likely to get even if the financial market turns badly.

  • He would like to work out what monthly life budget he can afford depending on his financial and personal circumstances, whether he will face financial friction and if he can afford to donate some money to his children.

  • He is concerned about the tax treatment of his International Pension Plan. 

  • He would like to become a consultant or Non Executive Director but has no clue how to prepare for it. 

Patrick is 55 years old and a top executive in a bank. He is very happy with his job however he thinks his position may be at risk because of his age and a change in his company. He has lived in different countries and got a mixture of international state and personal pensions. He would like to go back to France in a while and is not sure how he will occupy his time then after.

  • He would like to know how much he will get from all his pensions in different scenarios [stop working in 3/5 years?]and whether it will be enough to satisfy his life style?

  • He would like to know if he will benefit from French social system after his return.

  • He is concerned about the tax treatment of his pension by the French administration

  • He knows intuitively there are many things to do before returning to France but it seems to be complicated.

  • He would like to work out what will be his life when he stops working or reduces his activity.