Revolutionise your work life balance...
now, or later

We each have only a limited amount of time. With busy working lives, we usually end up dividing our time 75% work, 20% family and 5% for ourselves.

There comes a time in everyone’s career when we need to reassess our priorities and make the balance work better for us.

Is it essential for you to spend most of your time working in order to earn more money or is there an opportunity for you to spend more time pursuing personal goals and spending time with the ones you love, whilst still enjoying the challenge and stimulation that working life brings?

The founding members of 3Time Project asked themselves this question and dramatically reviewed their time allocation as a result. They wouldn't go back at any price. 

It can be challenging to achieve a shift in your priorities and most of us benefit from coaching and advice from someone who has achieved a positive change. To this end, we have created a business which will help you assess your own position and then plan and achieve the change you want.


The 3Time Project helps you :

  • To identify the key personal and financial parameters of a successful life change,

  • To define your personal or professional projects which can help you to reach a well balanced life,

  • To consider  your future with confidence,


We build a comprehensive report that will help you to make an informed decision.

Our survey suggests executives spend 75% of their time for work, 20% with the ones they love and at best 5% for themselves

Our mission : 

Help you to

Balance your time between

- Work time 

- Time with those you love 

- Time for yourself